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Metal MP3

For all things heavy

Metal Mp3
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Metal and lots of it MP3
1) This is a metal community for metal only. Hints of why it’s called a Metal community, this is open to ALL different types of metal: Nu metal, stoner metal, etc. Some bands that shouldn’t be posted are bands like: My chemical romance, Avenged sevenfold, green day etc, are not metal and should not be posted within the community. Doing so will just get your post deleted and replaced with a message regarding what the community is about ;)

2) All files uploaded to the site must be in a .RAR or .ZIP format, with no password protection if possible. If you do password protect your upload, please place the password in the post as well.
Win RAR can be found at this link http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm
Almost all windows based PC’s can zip a folder now, so it should be no problem with archiving something. If you are a Mac user, use the .RAR file type to zip archives. Because this can be opened on Windows machines as well.

3) Please TAG your entry’s with the band name so people can find them easier later on in the archives. This will allow newer users to find old posts and not request music that has already been posted.

4) What website to use?
• I recommend using Mediafire or
• Filefactory

Both can be accessed via the links section on the main page. This is because the files can stay on these websites for months without any activity, whereas some site like yousendit, will bring the link down if it has received no activity within a week.
However you do not have to use the websites I have recommended, but they are the communities official choice, due to the time scale they can stay up for.

This community is about sharing music to widen your metal tastes and hopefully open you up to new bands. Regular sharing and requesting of music is encouraged to help the community flow.
When you join the community it would be nice if you posted an introduction to yourself with a small list of your favourite bands and maybe an upload, to help keep the community rolling.

6) Don’t bash, troll or insult people who have different music tastes than you. If you dislike what someone has posted, just don’t comment on it. Just counter it with some music you deem more epic ;)
Or post a comment regarding why you believe the band/music style is bad, abusing other users over such a trivial thing is not needed. Also if someone’s information is wrong on a band, kindly correct the poster/user. Please don’t use your awesome epic metal knowledge to slam people down, as to be honest no one cares. None of us care how big your metal penis is, nor how much metal knowledge you can fit into your egotistic skin tight pants.

7) I guess that’s it, if I think of anything else I will update the rules accordingly.
Just enjoy the community and enjoy metal :D

Using Upload Sites
To upload files to an upload site, go to one of the upload sites in the recommended list below (we recommend mediafire.com or filefactory.com, browse for the file you want to upload, click "Upload File" and wait until it has finished uploading. Do not close the window. The upload site will then give you a link which other people can download the file from. You then obviously post the link.

Extracting Zip Files in Windows
To extract albums from zip files in windows, go to the file, right click on it and click Open With > Compressed (zipped) folders. Then under the heading folder tasks on the left hand side, click "extract all files". See links on entry page

Owner/Moderator: Toxicmog

Disclaimer:The RIAA allows 24 hours for previewing purposes on downloaded music, after which, the file is to be deleted. This community accepts no responsibility for your actions after this period is finished.

Upload Sites and their maximum file sizes*

1,5 GB:

1 GB:

700 MB:

500 MB:

300 MB:

250 MB:


* Not a comprehensive list. Yousendit is discouraged. Mediafire and Filefactory are "official", but don't let that deter you from making your own decisions.